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Sony Assurance Donates Sorabear Power Generation Equipment to a Center for Early Childhood Education and Care in Kanagawa Prefecture

Jan. 29, 2019

Sony Assurance Inc. ("Sony Assurance"), a wholly owned non-life insurance subsidiary of Sony Financial Holdings Inc., today announced the donation of a solar power generator, "Sorabear Power Generation Equipment" to a center for early childhood education and care in Kanagawa Prefecture.This donation is part of the Sorabear Smile Project* managed by the Sorabear Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes the spread of renewable energies and environmental education.

Since March 2009, Sony Assurance has carried out this program** to install solar power generators at kindergartens and nursery schools across Japan, which capitalizes on its unique automobile insurance premiums to support the Sorabear Smile Project.

Associated with this program, Sony Assurance has reached a total of 23 donations of Sorabear Power Generation Equipment.

Sony Assurance will continue to participate in the donation program and encourage children to get involved in environmental conservation through the installation of Sorabear Power Generation Equipment at other kindergartens and nursery schools across Japan.

* A project that encourages children to get involved in environmental conservation by installing Sorabear Power Generation Equipment at kindergartens and nursery schools across Japan via donations from companies and individuals.

** A donation program based on the concept of "covering only the distance driven." Sony Assurance's automobile insurance premiums are calculated on the basis of the estimated distance driven in a year, which is forecast by customers when they purchase a new policy. Policyholders whose actual distance driven is less than their forecasted, are considered to be contributing to environmental conservation through this reduction in the estimated emission of carbon dioxide. Sony Assurance will further enhance its policyholders' contribution to environmental conservation by donating ¥1 per 100 kilometers of distance not driven to the Sorabear Foundation.

Note: This is an English-language summary of a Japanese announcement made by Sony Assurance on January 29, 2019. The summary was prepared by Sony Financial Holdings solely for convenience of non-Japanese readers.