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Sony Bank to Begin Using AI to Automate the Preliminary Screening for Mortgage Loans

May 7, 2018

Sony Bank Inc. ("Sony Bank"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Financial Holdings Inc., will begin using an artificial intelligence (AI) application which originally developed by Sony Bank, to automate preliminary screenings for mortgage loans from May 10, 2018.

By using AI to learn from its store of previous data and reading in and making adjustments for new data, Sony Bank has succeeded in automating screening to a level of precision approaching that of human screeners. This new approach will accelerate the screening process, and shorten preliminary screening period from the current around two-six days down to as little as 60 minutes. By using AI to make credit decisions automatically that previously relied on humans, we expect to enhance operating efficiency and effectiveness.

This technology employs the ensemble method, a machine learning technique creating multiple models and combining them to produce improved results. As a result, the model offers a higher level of predictive precision.

Note: This is an English-language summary of a Japanese announcement made by Sony Bank on May 7, 2018. The summary was prepared by Sony Financial Holdings solely for convenience of non-Japanese readers.