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Sony Bank to Begin Offering "WealthNavi for Sony Bank," an Automated Asset Investment Service

Dec. 14, 2017

Sony Bank Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Financial Holdings Inc., will begin offering a new service, "WealthNavi for Sony Bank," on December 14, 2017, in collaboration with WealthNavi Inc., which provides this automated asset investment service.

Customized for Sony Bank customers, "WealthNavi for Sony Bank" makes use of the WealthNavi robo-advisor developed by the eponymous company, providing an automated asset investment service that manages and invests customer assets on their behalf. The service employs a financing algorithm used by the world's wealthy class to provide fully automated, internationally diversified investments from an entirely neutral stance. With this service, customers can invest via WealthNavi in overseas exchange-traded funds (ETFs), placing even small amounts in internationally diversified investments in an entirely automated manner.

Sony Bank will provide introductions to customers who wish to open WealthNavi trading accounts so that they can utilize the service (accounts for automated investing in overseas ETFs). Sony Bank will also solicit and provide brokerage services and mediate discretionary investment contracts between customers and WealthNavi, while WealthNavi manages and invests assets. The service, which automates long-term investments aimed at accumulation and diversification, offers customers a new option for investing their assets.

Note: This is an English-language summary of a Japanese announcement made by Sony Bank on December 14, 2017. The summary was prepared by Sony Financial Holdings solely for convenience of non-Japanese readers.