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Shimajiro Hospital Visitation Project Start of the "Issho ni Waraou ☆ Caravan" with "Kodomo Challenge"

Jun. 28, 2017

Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd. ("Sony Life"), a wholly owned life insurance subsidiary of Sony Financial Holdings., and Benesse Corporation ("Benesse") launched "Issho ni Waraou ☆ Caravan", a Shimajiro hospital visitation project, in April 2017. The project is part of a joint plan developed with Kodomo Challenge, Benesse's preschooler education and lifestyle support brand.

Sony Life entered a tie-up with Kodomo Challenge in March 2017, adopting the brand's Shimajiro character as the mascot for Sony Life's educational endowment insurance. Sony Life is taking this adoption as an opportunity to undertake a variety of initiatives together with Kodomo Challenge.
As one aspect of this arrangement, the Shimajiro will visit children's hospitals as part of the "Issho ni Waraou ☆ Caravan", aimed at bringing a smile to the children's faces. Shimajiro will visit children in their rooms at children's hospitals, in line with the project concepts of "protecting the dreams of children" and "encouraging children's growth."
Shimajiro visited six children's hospitals between April and June 2017, centered on the Tohoku and Tokai regions. The character is scheduled to begin visits to children's hospitals in the Kanto, Chubu and Kinki regions in July 2017.
Sony Life and Benesse are planning a variety of joint activities going forward, such as producing novelty items. Through these initiatives, Sony Life and Benesse aim to encourage children's growth and dreams.

Activity Report
Shimajiro started with the Shizuoka Children's Hospital and visited four other children's hospitals on April 18, 2017. Plans are for the character to visit a total of 11 children's hospitals by December 2017.

Note 1: This is an English-language summary of a Japanese announcement made by Sony Life on June 28, 2017. The summary was prepared by Sony Financial Holdings, solely for convenience of non-Japanese readers. Note 2: Issho ni waraou is Japanese for "Let's smile together." "Caravan" refers to a visit to multiple locations. Kodomo is Japanese for "child."