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IR Policy

(Updated on Jul. 11, 2018)

Purpose of IR Activities

Sony Financial Holdings Inc. (hereinafter, the "Company") strives to provide members of the investment community, including its shareholders, investors, securities analysts and other market participants, with information related to the assessment of corporate value in a timely, accurate and fair manner, as well as to facilitate sufficient dialogue. By enhancing disclosure of management strategies and financial position, the Company makes efforts to gain the trust of the investment community and obtain a fair corporate valuation from stakeholders. Furthermore, the Company feeds market dialogue, evaluations and other information back to its senior management and makes use of this information in its management in the aim of increasing corporate value.

Basic Approach to IR Activities

  1. The Company will clearly disclose the information necessary to assess its corporate value based on the principles of promptness, accuracy, fairness and consistency.
  2. The Company will engage with members of the investment community such as its shareholders, investors, securities analysts and other market participants, in a sincere and direct manner in order to establish relationships of trust.
  3. The Company will promote IR activities led by the President and Representative Director, based on the concerted effort of the entire Sony Financial Group. The Company places importance on constructive dialogue with its shareholders, investors, securities analysts and other market participants, and will strive to take advantage of various opportunities to engage in dialogue, centered on senior management.
    In addition to holding individual meetings, the Company will participate actively in events targeting investors and securities analysts (including Company briefings, financial results briefings and IR fairs) and enhance its disclosure of information through various IR tools (including corporate website and annual reports), thereby promoting efforts to deepen their understanding of the Company.
    Furthermore, the Company will seek to expand opportunities for dialogue, taking into consideration the medium- to long-term interests of its shareholders, investors, securities analysts and other market participants.
  4. The Company will periodically feed requests and evaluations from shareholders, investors, securities analysts and other market participants through its IR activities back to its senior management by reporting this information mainly to the Board of Directors.

IR Organizational Structure

The Company assigns a corporate executive to oversee IR activities and has established the Investor Relations Department as the department in charge of IR activities. Through this structure, the Company seeks to enhance its disclosure of information and dialogue. The department in charge of IR activities gathers information appropriately with the Company's operating departments, as well as Group companies.

Disclosure of IR Information

  1. Basic Stance
    The Company will engage in timely disclosure in accordance with the Securities Listing Regulations approved by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Company will also proactively disclose other information of substantial interest to shareholders, investors, securities analysts and other market participants, as well as information intended to promote an understanding of the Sony Financial Group. Furthermore, the Company will maintain continuity and consistency in the information it discloses.
  2. Method of Disclosure
    • The Company will provide timely disclosure based on the Securities Listing Regulations through the Timely Disclosure network (TDnet) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and will promptly make such information available on the Company corporate website.
    • The Company strives to provide fair disclosure worldwide by making a full range of information available on its corporate website, including information that is not required under disclosure regulations.
  3. Framework for Disclosure
    In order to promote timely disclosure, the Company has established the Rules and Regulations Related to Timely Disclosure, and set up a Disclosure Committee (DC).
    In the event that material information comes to light, the Company has a framework in place whereby the Company's corporate executives and employees, as well as managers responsible for the disclosure of material information (hereinafter, the "Disclosure Managers") of its subsidiaries, promptly report on this information to the DC.
    Furthermore, material corporate information that the Company must disclose is set forth in the Sony Financial Group Guidelines for Reporting Important Information. These guidelines are made known to the Company’s corporate executives and employees, as well as the Disclosure Managers of its subsidiaries.
Roles of the DC
  1. Assist the President and Representative Director in designing, introducing, evaluating and maintaining the timely disclosure system.
  2. Promptly and comprehensively collect material corporate information of Group companies; discuss the necessity of timely disclosure along with the accuracy, completeness, clarity and level of internal approval of the content of timely disclosure, as well as the fairness and proactiveness of the announcement; and assist the President and Representative Director in undertaking timely and appropriate disclosure as an advisory body for the material matters and recommend the Company the filing of the Company's reports and other filings as appropriate.

Framework for Disclosure of IR Information

Framework for Disclosure of IR Information

* Defined as information that has "an extremely high likelihood of being deemed material by shareholders and other investors, as well as other parties, on a rational basis," when making an investment decision.

Quiet Period for IR Activities

In order to ensure fair disclosure of information and prevent the leak of material information regarding the Sony Financial Group’s financial results prior to earnings announcements, the Company has established a quiet period for IR activities. The Company observes a quiet period for IR activities from the second Monday of the month following the end of every quarter until the earnings announcement. During this period, the Company shall not, in principle, hold individual meetings, presentations about the Company and other such events, and shall refrain from answering inquiries regarding the financial results.