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Financial Highlight

Sony Life (Non-consolidated)

Highlights of Operating Performance for FY2016 (fiscal year ended Mar. 31, 2017)

  • Ordinary revenues increased year on year.
  • Income from insurance premiums decreased led by a decline in sales of single premium products.
  • Investment income increased due mainly to an increase in investment income in the separate account.
  • Ordinary profit was flat year on year. This was due to positive factors, including a decline in the provision of policy reserves for minimum guarantees for variable life insurance owing to a lower acquisition of new policies and an improvement in market conditions, and an increase in profit from accumulated policies in force, were offset by such negative factors as a deterioration in net gains/losses on derivative transactions to hedge market risks related to minimum guarantees for variable life insurance and lower gains on sale of securities in the general account.
  • Income from insurance premiums
  • New Policy Amount and Number of New Policies (Individual life insurance + Individual annuities)
  • Core Profit
  • Policy amount in force and number of policies in force (Individual life insurance + Individual annuities)
2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
For the years ended March 31
Income from insurance premiums (Billions of yen) 925.8 960.9 914.0 1,028.0 956.7
New policy amount (Billions of yen) 4,454.6 3,889.3 4,771.6 5,151.3 4,957.5
Number of new policies (10,000 policies) 62.0 53.3 60.6 62.9 51.3
Core profit (Billions of yen) 80.0 72.3 76.5 43.0 83.8
As of March 31
Policy amount in force (Trillions of yen) 37.7 39.0 40.9 43.1 45.3
Number of policies in force (10,000 policies) 604 633 667 704 730

* Figures less than the indicated unit have been truncated.


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