About Sony Financial Group

About Sony Financial Group

Could you provide me a brief profile of Sony Financial Holdings Inc.?
On April 1, 2004, Sony Financial Holdings Inc. was established as Japan's first financial holding company providing both insurance and banking services through its three subsidiaries, Sony Life, Sony Assurance, and Sony Bank. Sony Financial Holdings was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on October 11, 2007.
Please see Corporate Profile to learn more about our company.
What kinds of companies are in the Sony Financial Group?
The Sony Financial Group consists of four main business fields; "Life Insurance Business" mainly conducted by Sony Life, "Non-life Insurance Business" conducted by Sony Assurance, "Banking Business" mainly conducted by Sony Bank, and "Nursing care Business" mainly conducted by Sony Lifecare.
Please see About Our Group to learn about key strengths of Sony Financial Group.
Where can I find the names of executive officers?
What is the Business plan of Sony Financial Group?
What is Sony Financial Holdings' approach to improve its corporate governance structure?
What are the Sustainability initiatives of Sony Financial Group?
Please see Sustainability.
What is the current credit rating for the Sony Financial Group?
Currently, Sony Financial Holdings, Sony Life and Sony Bank have obtained ratings.
Please see Rating and Bond Information.
About Financial Information

About Financial Information

When does the fiscal year end? When does Sony Financial Holdings announce its financial results?
Our fiscal year ends on March 31.
Please see IR Events > Annual Schedule for announcement schedule for each financial results.
Where can I find Sony Financial Holdings's financial reports?
Please see IR Materials to download our financial reports including earnings releases, presentation materials, and annual report.
Can I access to archived video for Conference Call for quarterly financial results?
Our Conference Call for explaining quarterly financial results is held only in Japanese. However, we will upload the presentation materials with speech text on the announcement day, and its Q&A summary on Financial Results page.
I would like to know the financial highlight of Sony Financial Holdings.
Please see Financial Highlight which contains past five year financial results.
What is the Embedded Value (EV)?
Embedded Value (EV) is calculated as the sum of the "value of in-force business" and "adjusted net worth". In Europe and Canada, EV is regarded as one of indices used for assessing the corporate value of a life insurance company.
Sony Life had been disclosed Traditional Embedded Value (TEV) starting from EV as of March 31, 2004, however, Sony Life shifted its EV disclosure to Market Consistent Embedded Value (MCEV) from TEV, starting from EV as of March 31, 2008.
Please see Presentation Materials to learn more about EV information.
About Stock Information

About Stock Information

Which stock market is Sony Financial Holdings listed?
What is the securities code?
We are listed on the 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange, and our securities code is 8729.
Where can I find the share price information of Sony Financial Holdings?
Please see Open in a new windowChart.
What is the minimum number of shares for trading?
From 100 shares.
Where can I find information on major shareholder of Sony Financial Holdings?
Major shareholders ranked top 10 are posted on Shareholder Information.
When does Sony Financial Holdings hold the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders?
When is the date of voting rights for Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting?
The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders shall be held in June, every year.
The date of record for determining the shareholders who have the right to exercise their voting rights at the Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting is March 31, every year.
Please see Shareholders' Meeting for past meeting information.
When is the date shareholders' right to receive dividends to be determined?
Please give me past dividends records.
We shall pay dividends to shareholders' listed as of March 31.
Please see Returns to Shareholders for past results.
Please explain to me about the overview of a stock split.
We completed a 200-for-1 stock split on April 1, 2011, by lowering the unit investment amount with the aim of expanding our investor base and increasing the liquidity of the stock.
The result of implementing this stock split, our total number of shares authorized to be issued is 1,600,000,000 shares.
At same time, we adopted a Share Unit system, which defines 100 shares as one unit.