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Initiatives for Stakeholders

Activities with Shareholders

For constructive dialogue with shareholders and other investors, Sony Financial Holdings has formulated the Investor Relations (IR) Policy, established the department in charge of IR activities and assigned a corporate executive to oversee the IR activities. The department in charge of IR strives to provide information related to the assessment of corporate value in a timely, accurate and fair manner to shareholders and other investors, as well as to facilitate sufficient dialogue with them, while sharing information appropriately with Sony Financial Holdings' business execution departments and Group companies.
Sony Financial Holdings conducts presentations and individual meetings in a variety of formats, and engages in dialogue, centered on the President and senior management. In addition, Sony Financial Holdings strives toward enhanced disclosure of information via various IR tools. (e.g., website information and annual reports).
Feedback and requests obtained through dialogue with shareholders and other investors are regularly reported to senior management to reflect on and improve their operations.

Investor Relations (IR) Initiatives in Fiscal 2016

Sony Financial Holdings held its corporate strategy meeting for institutional investors and analysts with participation from top management at the Company and Group companies. In addition, top management at Sony Financial Holdings made visits not only within Japan but also to the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore to have meetings individually with institutional investors and analysts. In November 2017, Sony Financial Holdings held small meetings for domestic institutional investors with outside directors on the theme of corporate governance.
Also of note, Sony Financial Holdings' IR website eamed high marks in several ranking surveys.

Record of IR Activities

Corporate strategy meetings for domestic institutional investors and analysts (May 2018)

Facilitating the Exercise of Voting Rights

Sony Financial Holdings undertakes the following activities as part of its efforts in creating an environment that activates the general meeting of shareholders and facilitates the exercise of voting rights.

  • Sony Financial Holdings sends out the Notice of Convocation for the general meeting of shareholders as early as possible.
  • Sony Financial Holdings sets the meeting date to avoid dates on which other companies’ annual general meetings of shareholders are concentrated.
  • Sony Financial Holdings uses an electronic voting platform.
  • Sony Financial Holdings provides a partial translation of the Notice of Convocation in English.
  • Sony Financial Holdings utilizes its website to disclose the Notice of Convocation for the general meeting of shareholders and the final shareholder voting results.

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