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Group CSR

The Sony Financial Group believes that contributing to sustainable social development by engaging in sound, responsible operations that leverage its characteristics constitutes the core of its corporate activities. With the highest level of ethics and a strong sense of purpose, we strive to continuously improve corporate value and seek to be the most trusted financial services group by providing financial services that reflect customers’ real needs.
The Sony Financial Group has formulated the following Basic CSR Policy, and each company in the Group proactively conducts various CSR initiatives through its business activities. The various departments in Sony Financial Holdings exchange information with Group companies to monitor their CSR initiatives.

Basic CSR Policy

The Sony Financial Group believes that a special commitment to the public good is demanded of a financial services company, and seeks to achieve its corporate vision and thus give back to society by upholding the highest level of ethics and a strong sense of purpose.

  1. We recognize that a corporation's fundamental responsibility to society is contributing to economic growth through sound business activities, and we will fulfill this responsibility by providing high-value-added products and high-quality services.
  2. We will esteem our relationships with customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, local communities and all other stakeholders in the Sony Financial Group, and we will make management decisions while considering the impact on each stakeholder group.
  3. In carrying out business operations, we will strictly comply with laws, regulations, company rules, policies and other requirements.
  4. We will respect the human rights of all and ensure sound employment and labor practices.
  5. In all aspects of our business activities we will act in consideration of protecting the environment to help bring about a sustainable society.
  6. We will disclose information in an appropriate and timely manner to obtain the trust and support of the Sony Financial Group's stakeholders.