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Initiatives for Stakeholders

Activities with Employees

By creating workplaces that allow employees to work comfortably and providing training, Sony Financial Group generates new value from diverse perspectives and improves productivity toward achieving enhancement of corporate value.

Approach to Human Resources Management

Sony Financial Group strives to foster an organizational culture that supports a spirit of freedom and open-mindednes and create a workplace where diverse, self-disciplined employees can actively work with motivation. In addition, Sony Financial Group, with a belief that personal growth of employees will lead to contributions to customers and sustainable corporate growth, makes active efforts to develop human resources. Further, Sony Financial Group facilitates personnel exchanges and joint training among Group companies to create synergies for the Group.

Initiative1  Diversity

Policy on Diversity

Sony Financial Group places significant emphasis on a spirit of diversity, to better address various changes in the environment surrounding customers and their diverse value perceptions and to generate new value. Based on this approach, Sony Financial Group strives to develop an environment in which diversity is respected and every employee can actively work with motivation, as well as to create opportunities for employees’ personal growth.

Specific Measures

Sony Financial Group implements various initiatives to allow diverse human resources, including female and disabled employees and employees who are dealing with a range of situations, including childcare and nursing care, to work actively and demonstrate their individual abilities.

1 Support for employees to continue working

Sony Financial Group has established in-house systems designed to support employees who are raising children to continue working, such as childcare leave, special leave, and reduced work hour system. Sony Life provides various types of support to its employees, such as working primarily by telecommuting, depending on the job characteristics and individual situations of each employee, and allowing employees to take a leave of absence when it becomes difficult to continue working due to the need to provide nursing care for a family member, or transfer of their spouse to a remote location. In addition, even in cases where employees leave work due to uncontrollable circumstances, Sony Financial Group has a re-employment system in place to support a career restart, according to a change of life plans.

2 Promotion of women’s empowerment

Sony Financial Group provides career-design training for young female employees, discussion sessions on returning to work and orientation sessions for employees returning from childcare leave, and leadership training for female leaders/managers. We also provide management training for the superiors of female employees, with the aim of improving awareness and enhancing their understanding regarding the career development of female employees.

3 Employment of people with disabilities

Sony Financial Group has been actively promoting the employment of people with disabilities, and such employees are actively working in various fields within the Group. Sony Life has established an in-house health care room (a massage room) since fiscal 1996, and persons with vision impairment are now working actively across the country and contributing to the promotion of employees’ health. In addition, Sony Life has many people with physical disabilities assigned to each department, and they are working actively by capitalizing on their individual strengths. Sony Life also launched an Office Support Team in April 2018 and started hiring people with mental disabilities and intellectual impairment, and established Sony Life Business Partners Co., Ltd., a special subsidiary, in March 2019. Sony Life Business Partners handles operations contracted out by each department of Sony Life, such as printing, filing, and data entry, contributing to the productivity improvement of the entire company.

Percentage of females in management positions*
FY2018 12.4%

* The percentage figures for employees of Sony Financial Holdings, three financial subsidiaries and three nursing care business companies. For Sony Life, only head office employees are included.

Initiative2  Work-life Balance

Policy on Work-life Balance

With an eye toward promoting corporate growth, as well as developing an environment in which employees can feel job satisfaction and experience personal growth through their work, while also leading fulfilling lives, Sony Financial Group promotes productivity and efficiency improvement through the promotion of workstyle reform.

Specific Measures

1 Initiatives for reducing overtime work

Each Group company monitors overtime work each month, and encourages departments with heavy workloads to review allocation of work and checks the adequate staff levels. Sony Life has designated no-overtime days twice a month (once a week from May 2019), ensuring that employees leave work on time through announcements from an executive to encourage going home, and turning off floor lights to make it customary to finish work on time. Sony Life and Sony Bank are also making efforts to reduce the work hours of managers and supervisors.

2 Expanding flexible workstyles and vacation leaves, and promoting the acquisition of vacation leaves

Sony Financial Holdings and Sony Life have placed emphasis on self-discipline of employees since their founding, and introduced flexible hours whereby employees set their own start and finish times. Each Group company actively promotes the acquisition of vacation leaves, expanding vacation leave programs by providing accumulated vacation leave and special vacation leave programs, in addition to an annual vacation leave program, and urging the acquisition of annual vacation leave for a five-day continuous period.

3 Telecommuting

The Group companies are promoting the introduction and expansion of telecommuting and mobile work systems, and supporting their employees to secure the time to enrich their lives while improving their work productivity, through diversification of work locations and efficient allocation of time.

Average monthly overtime per employee*
FY2018 21.12 hours

* The average figures for employees of Sony Financial Holdings, three financial subsidiaries and three nursing care business companies. For Sony Life, only head office employees are included.

Percentage of annual vacation leave acquired*
FY2018 64.2%

* The percentage figures for employees of Sony Financial Holdings, three financial subsidiaries and three nursing care business companies. For Sony Life, only head office employees are included.

Initiative3  Initiatives for Human Resource Development

Sony Financial Group has more than 11,000 employees who are actively working in various business domains such as life insurance, non-life insurance, banking, and nursing care. Each Group company has established an education and training system from a medium- to long-term perspective, in order to support employee personal growth and career development, and provides compulsory training programs according to job type and position level, as well as elective training programs for skills enhancement and personal development, etc. In addition, Sony Financial Group focuses efforts on the training of management-level employees, who play the primary role in the cultivation of employees, and is continuously strengthening human resource development through the expansion of training programs, etc. In addition, Sony Financial Group participate in the leader training programs and female leader training programs provided for the Sony Group’s employees by Sony Corp. In this manner, Sony Financial Group works on human resource development through collaboration with the Sony Group.

Lifeplanner sales employees at Sony Life, who account for nearly half of the employees of Sony Financial Group , take a threeyear B.T.P. (Basic Training Program) to develop the customer-first attitude and knowledge, skills and conduct required of a professional Lifeplanner sales employee. This B.T.P. is designed to nurture Lifeplanner sales employees to listen to their customers’ cherished thoughts, propose reasonable life insurance to safely protect them at all times, and provide life-long support through high-quality services, even after the contract has been executed.