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Environmental Protection Activities

Sony Financial Group recognizes that humankind faces a critical challenge in protecting the global environment. The major subsidiaries have each established environmental policies, and through everyday business activities, they carry out initiatives that give due consideration to environmental protection.

Sony Financial Group’s Policy on Environmental Initiatives

Sony Financial Group strives to provide value to stakeholders through its business activities, and to take actions in consideration of protecting the global environment, in all aspects of its corporate activities as a member of the Sony Group, by observing the Sony Group Environmental Vision for realizing a sustainable society.

Use of Green Power

Green Power Certification

Sony Life became the first Japanese life insurance company to introduce a Green Power Certification System, which enables companies to use green power in their business activities and thus reduce CO2 emissions. Sony Assurance and Sony Bank adopt the Green Heat Certification System* to help reduce CO2 emissions. Sony Bank offsets 100% of CO2 emissions caused by its power usage (excluding the portion of power usage in outsourced operations) as a “Carbon Offset Bank.”
In this way, each Group company contributes to the wider use of natural sources of power such as solar and wind power, geothermal power, and biomass. In fiscal 2018, Sony Financial Group as a whole purchased green power certificates and green heat certificates equivalent to 1,160 MWh.

*The Green Heat Certification System is a system certified by the government whereby a company can issue certificates for the environmental value of heat generated from renewable energy with the approval of a third-party institution (Green Energy Certification Center), and trade these as “green heat certificates.”

For reference: Sony Financial Group’s electricity consumption and CO2 emissions for fiscal 2018

Total electricity consumption 3,173.5MWh
Total CO2 emissions
(equivalent value)

Includes the head offices of Sony Life and Sony Assurance, along with Sony Bank’s head office and CONSULTING PLAZA.

Acquisition of ISO14001 Certification

Sony Life, Sony Assurance and Sony Bank* have acquired ISO 14001 certification, the international standard for environmental management systems. All three companies promote energy-saving and natural resource-saving activities such as targets for reduced energy and photocopier paper usage, and green procurement to raise the percentage of eco-products used in office supplies.

* Includes the head offices of Sony Life and Sony Assurance, along with Sony Bank’s head office and CONSULTING PLAZA. They conducts regular internal environmental audits of ISO14001-certified offices, and the audit results are reported to top management.

Reducing CO2 Emissions by Switching to Paperless Contract Procedures and Electronic Issuance of Documents

The Sony Financial Group has been striving to conserve paper resources and cut down on CO2 emissions related to postal mailings by shifting to paperless documentation for certain contract procedures and transactions.
Sony Life has adopted paperless application procedures that enable customers to use electronic signatures to complete new contract application procedures as well as various post-contract procedures, such as changing contract contents. As a result, Sony Life has reduced the use of copier paper.
Sony Assurance has made it possible to apply for automobile insurance policies, medical insurance policies, fire insurance policies and overseas travel insurance policies online, thereby avoiding the need for printing and mailing of insurance application forms and other documents. Also of note, Sony Assurance promotes reduction in the use of paper resources, exemplified by a paperless insurance certificate discount of up to ¥500 on automobile and fire insurance premiums when customers who buy a policy online opt not to have certificates of insurance and other documents printed and mailed.
As an Internet bank, Sony Bank promotes paperless transactions by principally providing information on web pages and using electronic document delivery for delivering transaction slips, passbooks, explanations of products and delivery of forms to customers.

Donating to the Sorabear Foundation

Ceremony for the donation of Sorabear power generation equipment.
Ceremony for the donation of
Sorabear power generation equipment

Automobile insurance, one of Sony Assurance's mainstay products, supports the automotive lifestyles of its customers. While automobiles add affluence and convenience to our lives, exhaust gases emitted while driving are a cause of global warming. For this reason, Sony Assurance considers promoting initiatives to prevent global warming, even a little, is its social responsibility. Teaming up with the Sorabear Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes the spread of renewable energies and environmental education, Sony Assurance has carried out a program to install solar power generators at kindergartens since 2009.
Since 2010, Sony Life has also participated in the activities of the Sorabear Foundation, making donations equivalent to some printing expenses, etc., which has been reduced with the introduction of the CD-ROM version (since 2010) and the website version (since 2017) of "guidebook/policy conditions of insurance contracts."