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Initiatives for Stakeholders

Activities with Customers

Utilizing Customer Feedback

At Sony Financial Group, feedback received from its customers in various situations is compiled and analyzed by divisions in charge of promoting customer satisfaction and raising quality. This feedback is shared with each division within the Group and reported to management, and used to make recommendations on operational improvements and product and service enhancements. As a result of this approach, the Sony Financial Group's three businesses —life insurance, non-life insurance, and banking— have received high appraisals in customer satisfaction surveys conducted by outside institutions and the media. In addition, Sony Financial Group companies have worked to raise the quality of products and services to further satisfy customers.

Sony Life

Sony Life conducts annual customer awareness surveys by post, and in fiscal 2018 received valuable feedback from 6,622 policyholders. Also, the company has been conducting customer satisfaction surveys for Lifeplanner channel policyholders on the services provided by Lifeplanner sales employees in charge, thereby striving to further raise the quality of service. Sony Life analyzes feedback from customers, identifying and studying issues that it shares with various internal departments in an effort to improve service.

Sony Assurance

Leveraging its unique advantage as an insurer that communicates directly with customers, Sony Assurance listens closely to its customers and strives to imporove services as required and provides updates on specific improvement measures via its website. In addition, customer feedback is centrally managed, compiled and analyzed on a monthly basis by the Customer Response Service Department. Feedback is reported to management every quarter, and in particularly important cases, detailed reports are made on the causes of incidents and countermeasures are recommended as necessary. The feedback is also passed on to relevant departments, along with instructions on improvements and other matters. Based on this feedback, the company encourages daily efforts to enhance services and provide services of higher quality in meeting the needs of its customers. This commitment has earned Sony Assurance a solid reputation in customer satisfaction surveys conducted by third parties.

Sony Bank

To heed feedback from customers and provide even better products and services, Sony Bank has been promoting VOC (Voice of Customer) activities with the aim of reflecting opinions and requests from customers in measures centered on the customer office. Specific feedback and related details are available on the Voice of Customer webpage of Sony Bank’s website.