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Initiatives for Stakeholders

Activities with Customers

Guided by our corporate vision and corporate philosophy, the Sony Financial Group is seeking to become the most highly trusted financial services group in Japan.

Utilizing Customer Feedback

Sony Financial Group companies have in place a framework under which feedback received from each company's customers on a daily basis is compiled and analyzed by divisions in charge of promoting customer satisfaction and raising quality. This feedback is reported to management and used to make recommendations on operational improvements and product and service enhancements. As a result of this approach, the Sony Financial Group's three businesses —life insurance, non-life insurance, and banking— have received high appraisals in customer satisfaction surveys conducted by outside institutions and the media. In addition, Sony Financial Group companies have worked to raise the quality of products and services to further satisfy customers.

Sony Life

Sony Life conducts annual customer awareness surveys by post, and in fiscal 2017 received valuable feedback from 6,551 policyholders. Also, the company has been conducting customer satisfaction surveys for Lifeplanner channel policyholders on the services provided by Lifeplanner sales employees in charge, thereby striving to further raise the quality of service.
Sony Life analyzes feedback from customers, identifying and studying issues that it shares with various internal departments in an effort to improve service.

Launch of Proxy Acquisition of Medical Certificates Service

When making insurance claims and applying for benefits, customers normally have to obtain a medical certificate at a medical institution. However, there have been cases of customers, due to problems such as physical disabilities, being unable to visit medical institutions to obtain a medical certificate and thus having to wait a long time to make an insurance claim or apply for benefits. In response, Sony Life launched a service for customers certified as having care needs or physical disabilities to obtain the necessary medical certificate to make an insurance claim and apply for benefits. The service can help reduce such customers’ burden of insurance claim procedures.

Launch of Direct Benefit Claims Payment Service to Medical Facilities Providing Advanced Medical Care

Fees for professional advanced medical treatments are not covered by public health insurance, and patients bear the full costs. Therefore, in a routine claim procedure, a customer has to pay high-priced professional fees prior to receiving reimbursement under our insurance. To alleviate the temporary financial burden of such customers, Sony Life launched a direct benefit payment service for advanced medical treatments, particularly heavy particle radio and proton beam therapy, which have high professional fees, to make direct payments to medical facilities providing such treatment.

Sony Assurance

Leveraging its unique advantage as an insurer that communicates directly with customers, Sony Assurance listens closely to its customers and strives to imporove services as required and provides updates on specific improvement measures via its website. In addition, customer feedback is centrally managed, compiled and analyzed on a monthly basis by the Customer Response Service Department. Feedback is reported to management every quarter, and in particularly important cases, detailed reports are made on the causes of incidents and countermeasures are recommended as necessary. The feedback is also passed on to relevant departments, along with instructions on improvements and other matters. Based on this feedback, the company encourages daily efforts to enhance services and provide services of higher quality in meeting the needs of its customers. This commitment has earned Sony Assurance a solid reputation in customer satisfaction surveys conducted by third parties.

Launch of SECOM Accident On-site Rush Service

In response to customers who want insurance to provide immediate support following an accident, Sony Assurance launched “SECOM Accident On-site Rush Service” in collaboration with SECOM CO., LTD., to all customers for free. The service enables SECOM’s emergency response personnel to rush to an accident site 24/7, to support customers needing help, contact the police and arrange for ambulances and tow trucks. Through this service, Sony Assurance believes it can more than ever before reduce customers’ uneasiness after an accident.

Sony Bank

To heed feedback from customers and provide even better products and services, Sony Bank has been promoting VOC (Voice of Customer) activities with the aim of reflecting opinions and requests from customers in measures centered on the customer office. Specific feedback and related details are available on the Voice of Customer webpage of Sony Bank’s website.

New Approach for LGBT* on Mortgage Loans

Same-sex partners still face many financial challenges in areas such as taxation and inheritance. Sony Bank has responded so that same-sex partners can use a mortgage pair loan** and provision of collateral*** from April 2018. Respecting diversity, Sony Bank will continue to respond to the diverse funding needs of customers.

*LGBT is an acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.
**A pair loan is a form of mortgage loan in which multiple borrowers (obligors) enter loan contracts for the same property.
***Provision of collateral is a practice in which a co-owner of property provides equity as collateral.