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Initiatives for Stakeholders

Activities with Local Communities

Social Contribution Activities

Sony Life Volunteer Club

Social contribution is a well-established part of the corporate culture at Sony Life, where many employees discover the value of volunteer activities and contribute to society under the slogan "One Love One Trust". For example, the Sony Life Volunteer Club was established by Sony Life employees in the wake of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and the Reconstruction Support Council was set up right after the Great East Japan Earthquake. In both groups, activities are undertaken by individuals, using donations from employees, and it is the members themselves who come up with and carry out a wide range of initiatives.

Selection of Main Activities (By Sony Life Volunteer Club)
  • Continuing support for the elderly victims of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
  • Support for the Special Olympics Nippon Foundation* event
  • Hosting youth education events at care houses
  • Support for the Relay for Life** event
  • Activities to support reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Support activities for areas affected by the Kumamoto earthquakes and heavy rainfall in northern Kyushu

*"Special Olympics Nippon" is a public-interest incorporated foundation that provides opportunities for daily sports training to intellectually challenged people throughout the year while promoting their participation in athletic competitions that allow them to demonstrate their achievements.

**"Relay for Life" is a worldwide charity event in which persons battling cancer, their families and those who have lost loved ones to the disease walk around a track for 24 hours to help promote the eradication of cancer.

Life-Planning Courses

Photo:A volunteer activity of the Reconstruction Assistance Club
A Life-Planning Course given by Sony Life

Since fiscal 2006, Sony Life has conducted life-planning courses, a hands-on learning program for students nationwide. Courses are conducted by Lifeplanner sales employees. The program is designed to foster students’ appreciation for the importance of leading a well-planned life, and working hard toward goals.
This program was launched following feedback from senior high school teachers indicating that "by utilizing life planning, we want to create opportunities for students to set future goals." It is an experiential, classroom-based program in which students, with their whole lives ahead of them, visualize their personal dreams and aspirations. Lifeplanner sales employees serve as lecturers, providing advice on the funds necessary to achieve these and other goals, and offering support to enable students to see if their life plans are achievable from an economic standpoint.
Feedback from the students has been positive, with comments such as "With effort and ingenuity, I felt confi dent about realizing my dream," "It was a good opportunity to think about my future lifestyle and career" and "I felt grateful that my parents are making ends meet to cover my living and educational expenses."
By providing opportunities to think about life and money, Sony Life hopes many members of the next generation are able to make their own choices in their paths of life.

Life-Planning Courses
FY2017 Number of schools 158
Cumulative total
(As of July 1, 2018)
Number of schools 1,222(cumulative)
Number of participating students 129,423

Shimajiro Hospital Visit Project "Issho ni Waraou ★ Caravan"

As a joint project with Benesse Corporation’s preschooler education and life support brand, Sony Life launched a project titled "Issho ni Waraou (Let’s Smile Together) ★ Caravan" in April 2017, where the brand’s popular character Shimajiro visits children’s hospitals to encourage them.
In addition, Sony Life has produced "Kosodate Guide" (a childcare guidebook) with Kodomo Challenge that provides useful information for parents of children from infancy to preschool. Through various joint initiatives, Sony Life aims to encourage children’s growth and dreams.

Matching Gift System

Sony Bank has introduced a “matching gift system” whereby a donation is made to volunteer groups according to the number of hours an employee spends volunteering on days off from work. In addition, Sony Bank has joined a volunteer center in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, to support the volunteer activities of its employees.

Sony Financial Group’s Donations and Grants for Fiscal 2017

Main Recipients of Donations and Other Assistance Amount
NPO Sorabear Foundation ¥11,651,454
The Eye Mate, Inc. and its supporting groups 6,793,302
Special Olympics Nippon Foundation 5,500,000
Purchase of green power and J-Credits in fiscal 2017 3,344,565
Forest Conservation Project in Sumatra, Indonesia 1,432,480
The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Public Interest Incorporated Foundation 1,000,000
Sony Education Foundation 1,000,000
Project Hand in Hand Japan 1,000,000
Others (incorporated associations, incorporated foundations, academic societies and others) 2,635,250
Total ¥34,357,051