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Initiatives for Stakeholders

Activities with Local Communities

Social Contribution Activities through Insurance Products

Picture:SURE supports bone-marrow donors.
SURE supports bone-marrow donors.

Sony Assurance added a bone marrow donor support rider automatically to all policies in its SURE medical and cancer insurance offerings in order to lessen the financial burden on donors. Sony Assurance pays surgery benefits to policyholders who undergo surgery to harvest stem cells from their bone marrow for donation to patients with intractable blood diseases. Under this rider, there is no insurance premium burden for the policyholder.

Social Contribution Activities through Employee Participation

Sony Life Volunteer Club

Photo:A Relay For Life event
A "Relay for Life" event

Social contribution is a well-established part of the corporate culture at Sony Life, where many employees discover the value of volunteer activities and contribute to society under the slogan "One Love One Trust". For example, the Sony Life Volunteer Club was established by Sony Life's employees in the wake of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, and the Reconstruction Support Council was set up right after the Great East Japan Earthquake. In both groups, activities are undertaken by individuals, using donations from employees, and it is the members themselves who come up with and carry out a wide range of initiatives.

Selection of Main Activities
  • Continuing support for the elderly victims of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
  • Support for the Special Olympics Nippon Foundation event
  • Hosting youth education events at care houses
  • Operational support for the Oita International Wheelchair Marathon
  • Support for the Relay for Life* event
  • Activities to support reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake

* Relay for Life is a worldwide charity event that persons battling cancer, their families and those who have lost loved ones to the disease run laps around a track for 24 hours to promote the eradication of cancer.

Support for "Special Olympics Nippon (Japan)"

Photo:A volunteer activity at the Special Olympics Nippon (Japan)
A volunteer activity at the
"Special Olympics Nippon (Japan)"

Sony Life has supported the public interest incorporated foundation Special Olympics Nippon to help people with intellectual disabilities gain autonomy and more broadly participate in society through sports, and contribute to the formation of a diversity-friendly society.
Approximately 500 Sony Life employees participated as a volunteer staff at the Special Olympics Nippon National Winter Games NIIGATA in February 2016.
At the Special Olympics Nippon National winter Games NIIGATA in 2016, approximately 500 employees from Sony Life participated as a volunteer staff. Farthermore, Sony Life's employees plan to participate in the upcoming Special Olympics Nippon National Summer Games AICHI as a volunteer staff in September 2018.
Besides support through volunteer activities, Sony Life has donated ¥5 million a year to Special Olympics Nippon.

Life-Planning Courses Given at over 1,000 Schools

Photo:A volunteer activity of the Reconstruction Assistance Club
A Life-Planning Course given by Sony Life

Since fiscal 2006, Sony life has conducted life-planning courses, a hands-on learning program for students nationwide. Courses are conducted by Lifeplanner sales employees. The program is designed to foster students’ appreciation for the importance of leading a well-planned life, and working hard toward goals.
This program was launched following feedback from senior high school teachers indicating that "by utilizing life planning, we want to create opportunities for students to set future goals". It is an experiential, classroom-based program in which students, with their whole lives ahead of them, visualize their personal dreams and aspirations. Lifeplanner sales employees serve as lecturers, providing advice on the funds necessary to achieve these and other goals, and offering support to enable students to see if their life plans are achievable from an economic standpoint.

Life-Planning Courses Number of schools Number of
participating students
FY2016 145 18,223
Cumulative total
1,045 (cumulative) 110,591

Eye Mate Fund

Photo:A drill for teaching guide dogs how to open and close doors
A drill for teaching guide dogs how to open
and close doors

Since Fiscal 1997, Sony Life has made financial donations every year to the "Eye Mate Fund", established by The Eye Mate, Inc. ("Eye Mate"), which aims to help visually-impaired people participate in society.
Sony Life makes a donation matching the total raised by employees in a given year. The funds are donated to Eye Mate for training guide dogs. In Fiscal 2016, Sony Life and its employees donated a total of ¥13.39 million to Eye Mate. This donation raises Sony Life's cumulative contribution for training guide dogs apploximetely ¥229.93 million.
Looking ahead, Sony Life will help as many visually-impaired people as possible participate in society through financial donations to Eye Mate.

Sony Financial Group’s Donations and Grants for Fiscal 2016

Main Recipients of Donations and Other Assistance Amount
NPO Sorabear Foundation ¥11,000,034
Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Fund 10,429,450
The Eye Mate, Inc. and its supporting groups 6,798,869
The General Insurance Association of Japan 5,959,803
Special Olympics Nippon Foundation 5,150,000
Purchase of green power and J-Credits in fiscal 2016 3,101,970
World Wide Fund for Nature Japan (WWF Japan) 1,106,300
The Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Public Interest Incorporated Foundation 1,000,000
Sony Education Foundation 1,000,000
Project Hand in Hand Japan 1,000,000
Others (incorporated associations, incorporated foundations, academic societies, and others) 1,904,780
Total ¥48,451,206