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About Our Group

Sony Life

Customized life insurance through consultation based on life planning

Since its founding, Sony Life has steadily expanded its business through providing customized life insurance and extensive after-sales follow-up services based on consultations by Lifeplanner sales employees.

Main Products
  • Death-protection insurance
  • Living benefit insurance, educational endowment insurance, medical insurance and others
Main Sales Channels
  • Lifeplanner sales employee
  • Partners (independent agency)

Key Strengths of Sony Life

  • Business expansion through tailor-made insurance design and sales approach and after-sales consultations based on life planning
  • ALM(Asset Liability Management) to match insurance liability characteristics to reduce interest rate risk pertaining to liabilities of insurance policies with long-term maturities
  • Financial soundness to meet future capital requirements

Changes in Business Results

Changes in Sony Life (Non-consolidated) Policy Amount in Force

Industry Position

Sony Life has expanded sales of highly profitable life insurance products centering on death-protection, despite a shrinking death-protection insurance market, and ranked sixth in policy amount in force in Japanese life insurance market. (As of March 31, 2018)

  • Industrywide Policy Amount in Force and Sony Life's Market share
  • Industry Position :Policy Amount in Force