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About Our Group

Sony Bank

Internet Bank―providing customer-oriented and high-quality services

Sony Bank has provided customer-oriented, high-quality financial products and services to individual customers over the Internet.

Main Products
  • Foreign currency deposits
  • Mortgage loans
  • Sony Bank WALLET cash card with Visa debit function in 11 currencies
Main Sales Channels
  • Internet
  • Banking agency

Key Strengths of Sony Bank

  • Lineup of highly convenient, high-quality products leveraging advantages of the Internet
  • Business operations with high customer satisfaction

Changes in Business Results

Changes in Sony Bank (Non-consolldated) Retail Balance

Industry Position

As of March 2017, Sony Banks's deposit balance ranked third at domestic Internet banks and Sony Bank's foreign-currency deposit balance represented 7% of the domestic bank total, right behind that of major banks.
Moreover, Sony Bank is steadily growing its mortgage loan balance.

  • Deposit Balance of Japan’s Six Internet Banks
  • Loans