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About Our Group

Sony Financial Group

Aimed at becoming the most highly trusted financial services group

The Sony Financial Group is a financial services group comprising the financial holding company Sony Financial Holdings Inc., and its subsidiaries including Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Sony Assurance Inc. and Sony Bank Inc.

picture:Group Structure(Tree Main Subsidiaries)

Sony Corporation's percentage of ownership to Sony Financial Holdings is excluded treasury stocks.

Changes in Business Results

Each of our three core businesses (life insurance, non-life insurance, and banking businesses) has steadily expanded business volume by developing unique business models.

Ordinary Revenues/Ordinary Profit

Changes in Ordinary Revenues  / Ordinary profit FY2017 Ordinary revenues 1,503.6 Billions of yen Ordinary profit 66.8 Billions of yen

Total Assets/Net Assets

Changes in Total Assets  / Net Assets FY2017 Total assets 12,401.4 Billions of yen Net assets 625.4 Billions of yen

Composition by Business Segment (FY2017)

  • Ordinary Revenues: Life Insurance 90%, Non-life Insurance 7%, Banking 3%
  • Ordinary Profit: Life Insurance 81%, Non-life Insurance 10%, Banking 11%
  • Total Assets: Life Insurance 77%, Non-life Insurance 2%, Banking 21%

Sony Financial Group's Growth Strategies

1. Sustainable, stable growth at Group companies

The Sony Financial Group seeks to differentiate itself by creating new business models unlike those of industry peers and provides customers with reasonable, convenient and high-quality products and services.
We aim to achieve sustainable, stable growth by utilizing inherent company strengths and expanding business volume.

2. Creating synergies through cooperation among Group companies

We will raise the synergistic effect created as a corporate group and provide appealing, high-value-added products and services that conventional financial institutions have not been able to provide. So as to realize it, we place more importance on growth at each Group company and on efforts aimed at enhancing intra-company cooperation to facilitate access to products and services as well as sharing and mutual use of respective sales channels and infrastructure.

3. Entry into new business domains that transcend our existing framework

Focusing on business domains related to existing businesses,we will strive to steadily expand business volume by continuing to enrich our lineup of products and services to meet customer expectations.
The Sony Financial Group added the nursing care business to its corporate portfolio in November 2013 and is steadily pursuing new activities to fuel growth over the medium to long term. Also, advances in technology have created an excellent backdrop for launching innovative financial services, a trend that is gaining momentum. Under these circumstances, we established a subsidiary in July 2018 to invest in venture companies with strengths in such areas as Fintech.

Initiatives Toward Growth in the Nursing Care Business

SONARE Shakujii,
a nursing care home, scheduled to open in November 2018

Sony Lifecare, a holding company overseeing activities in the nursing care business, seeks to realize a “Life Focus” concept —the pursuit of a fulfilling long life— and promotes expansion of business, particularly nursing care homes, under two brands. SONARE, handled by Lifecare Design, caters to upper middle-class seniors, and Hanakotoba, handled by Proud Life, aims at the largest market segment.
In SONARE operations, Sony Lifecare is focused on constructing nursing care homes in the Tokyo metropolitan area, where demand is expected to grow even higher, and is preparing for the planned opening of its third facility—SONARE Shakujii—in November 2018. The company will continue to emphasize initiatives that solidify SONARE as a high-quality brand with appealing originality. In Hanakotoba operations, Proud Life is making preparations to establish new facilities to complement its current network of 26 nursing care homes and thus expand its business base.
Future efforts will be directed toward delivering solutions to address the needs of a diversifying nursing care home services market through a lineup of SONARE and Hanakotoba facilities. In addition, both Sony Lifecare and Proud Life will work to create a synergetic effect between respective brands and effectively utilize management resources within the group.

4. Emphasize customer-first business operations and reinforce Group governance

The Group has emphasized customer-first business operations in line with a corporate philosophy that dates back to the Group’s earliest days. Sony Financial Holdings and its three core subsidiaries—Sony Life, Sony Assurance and Sony Bank—have all disclosed a customer-first business operations policy and strive to maintain appropriate business operations. In addition, Sony Financial Holdings continuously reinforces the governance structure for Group companies.