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About Sony Financial Holdings Inc.

Company NameSony Financial Holdings Inc.
EstablishedApril 1, 2004
Head Office1-1, Minami Aoyama 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
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BusinessManagement control of subsidiaries (life insurance companies, non-life insurance companies, banks and others) specified by the Insurance Business Act of Japan and the Banking Act of Japan and all duties incidental to that role.
Common Stock¥ 19,900 million
Number of
Directors and Statutory Auditors
Representative Director
Katsumi Ihara (Profile)
Senior Managing Director Hirotoshi Watanabe (Profile)
Director Masamitsu Shimaoka (Profile)
Director Shigeru Ishii (Profile)
Director Atsuo Niwa (Profile)
Director Masaru Kato (Profile)
Director Takemi Nagasaka (Profile)
Director (Outside) Isao Yamamoto (Profile) (*)
Director (Outside) Shiro Kuniya (Profile) (*)
Standing Statutory Auditor (Outside) Hiroshi Sano (Profile)
Auditor (Outside) Hirotoshi Korenaga (Profile)
Statutory Auditor Mitsuhiro Koizumi (Profile)
Articles of IncorporationArticles of Incorporation(PDF 310KB)
* Independent Directors based on rules of Tokyo Stock Exchange
(As of Jul. 1, 2013)

History of the Sony Financial Group

Aug. 1979
"Sony Prudential Life Insurance Co., Ltd." (Sony Prudential Life, currently Sony Life) is established
Apr. 1981
Sony Prudential Life commences operations with the launch of Lifeplanner system
Jul. 1987
Sony Prudential Life agrees with Prudential Financial, Inc. to terminate joint venture
Apr. 1991
Sony Pruco Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (renamed from Sony Prudential Life in September 1987) changes name to "Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd."(Sony Life)
Jun. 1998
"Sony Insurance Planning Co., Ltd." (Sony Insurance Planning, currently Sony Assurance) is established
Aug. 1998
Sony Life establishes "Sony Life Insurance (Philippines) Corporation" as a wholly owned subsidiary in the Philippines
Sep. 1999
Sony Insurance Planning changes its name to "Sony Assurance Inc." (Sony Assurance)
Sony Assurance launches sales of automobile insurance (Sales commenced over the Internet in September and terephone in October)
Apr. 2001
"Sony Bank Inc." (Sony Bank) is established
Jun. 2001
Sony Bank commences operations
Sony Bank launches the "MONEYKit" service site
Jun. 2002
Sony Assurance launches sales of medical and cancer insurance
Apr. 2004
"Sony Financial Holdings Inc." (Sony Financial Holdings) is established as a financial holding company
Jun. 2007
Sony Bank establishes "Sony Bank Securities Inc." (Sony Bank Securities) as a wholly owned subsidiary
Aug. 2007
Sony Life establishes "AEGON Sony Life Planning Co., Ltd." (AEGON Sony Life Planning, currently AEGON Sony Life Insurance)
Oct. 2007
Sony Financial Holdings is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Oct. 2008
Sony Life opens a representative office in Beijing
Jul. 2009
Sony Life opens a representative office in Taipei
Aug. 2009
AEGON Sony Life Planning obtains life insurance business license from the Financial Services Agency and changes its name to "AEGON Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd." (AEGON Sony Life Insurance)
Oct. 2009
Sony Life establishes "SA Reinsurance Ltd." (SA Reinsurance) in British Bermuda as a reinsurance company specializing in variable annuities
Feb. 2010
Sony Life establishes "LIPLA Co., Ltd.," a wholly owned subsidiary, to operate shop-style insurance agency as its directly run sales agency
May 2010
Sony Life begins sales of the products of Sony Life, Sony Assurance and Sony Bank through "LIPLA" shop-style insurance agency
Jun. 2010
Sony Bank opens its first over-the-counter branch called "Housing Loan Plaza"
Apr. 2011
Sony Financial Holdings conducts stock split and adopts share unit system
Jul. 2011
Sony Bank acquires a 57% equity interest in Smartlink Network Inc.
Aug. 2011
Sony Bank opens a representative office in Sydney (*Closes in Oct. 2013)
Aug. 2012
Sony Bank transfers all Sony Bank Securities' shares to Monex Group, with the aim of enhancing financial products intermediary services by strengthening business alliance with Monex Group
Dec. 2012
Sony Life transfers the business of Sony LifeInsurance (Philippines)Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Life, to Paramount Life & General Insurance Corporation
May 2013
LIPLA transfers the life insurance operations to Tokyu Insurance Consulting Co., Ltd. (LIPLA discontinues its operations related to the non-life insurance and banking agency businesses)
Nov. 2013
Sony Financial Group enters nursing care business (Acquired Senior Enterprise Corporation as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Financial Holdings)
Apr. 2014
"Sony Lifecare Inc." is established as a holding company to oversee the Group’s operations in the nursing care business

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart of Sony Financial Holdings Inc.