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Initiatives for Stakeholders

Activities with Employees

The Sony Financial Group’s corporate philosophy states our commitment to fostering an open corporate culture where employees can freely express their individuality and demonstrate their abilities to the fullest. We consider it essential that all employees actualize their full potential, and thus implement initiatives to create pleasant and productive workplaces, through such means as, for example, the Employee Opinion Survey.

Work-life Balance

Certification logo

The Sony Financial Group promotes initiatives to help balance careers with private lives. Since it was established, Sony Life has had a system in place that goes beyond what is required by law to enable employees who are raising children to continue working. Since July 2007, Sony Life has been continuously certified by the director of the Tokyo Labour Bureau as a company that meets the requirements of the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children. Also, Sony Assurance became the first direct non-life insurer to receive this certification* in August 2012. Sony Bank formulated an action plan to help employees balance child-raising responsibilities with work, and as part of this initiative, distributed a guidebook on social security and other support that can be referred to by expecting parents regarding birth and child-raising. By continuing to help employees balance child-raising responsibilities with work going forward, Group companies will remain focused on proactively creating a work environment conducive to healthy childbirth and parenting.

* Sony Assurance is the first direct non-life insurer to receive the certification based on a survey by Sony Assurance conducted on August 29, 2012. Only those companies that have received the Kurumin logo certification and have consented to be listed on the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare’s website were surveyed. A direct non-life insurer refers to a Japanese non-life insurer that sells insurance products and provides services directly to customers without relying primarily on an insurance agency.

Initiatives for Fiscal 2020

Each Group company is working to achieve the following targets by March 31, 2021.

Sony Life Average monthly overtime per employee 20 hours or less
Percentage of male employees taking childcare leave 13% or higher
Sony Assurance Percentage of employees taking vacation leave 75% or higher
Sony Bank Average monthly overtime per manager/supervisor 30 hours or less

New Employee Training

Photo:New employee training
New employee training

In addition to training at each Group company, training programs are conducted jointly at the Group level to promote understanding of the business operations of the Group as a whole. These programs include life-planning courses, explanations of each company's business operations, and workplace tours. Training for employees in their second year is also conducted at the Group level.

Sample Programs and Initiatives for the Development of Employees

Self-development Program Group training sessions and opportunities to take correspondence courses for employees working independently to develop their skills.
Management Skill-development Program Conducted jointly by Sony Financial Group companies as a part of efforts to improve the managerial capabilities of management-level employees.
In-house Inter-departmental Training Program Work experience in different departments for a certain period of time allowing for better understanding of different operations or to achieve career plan objectives.
Recruitment and Training of Global Human Resources With an eye on overseas business expansion in the future, the Sony Financial Group is conducting initiatives, such as overseas actuary training.

Promotion of Diversity

Following an increase in the number of employees, the Sony Financial Group has come to embrace a diverse workforce including women, foreign nationals and the physically or mentally challenged. In April 2015, Sony Life established the Diversity Promotion Department for the development of a working environment that fits a diverse workforce, along with activities to promote a greater understanding of human rights and diversity among employees.

Promotion of Women's Empowerment

For future growth, the Sony Financial Group regards its female employees as valuable human resources and equal to male employees. During Sony Life's earliest days in business, when other Japanese life insurers were predominantly relying on a female sales force, Sony Life strategically took the bold step of deploying male Lifeplanner sales employees as the core of its sales operations. As a result, it achieved growth through the sale of policies tailored to customer needs based on the sophisticated knowledge and consulting capabilities of its life insurance/financial professionals. As times changed, however, Sony Life started actively to employ more female Lifeplanner sales employees on a companywide basis, and is scheduled to increase by three times the current annual number of newly recruited female Lifeplanner sales employees, to 100 by 2020.
In April 2015, Sony Life established the Women's Empowerment Promotion Department, which not only supports recruiting female Lifeplanner sales employees but also promotes a workplace in which female Lifeplanner sales employees can perform continuously with peace of mind, including through organizational support for taking maternity/childcare leave.

Initiatives for Fiscal 2020

Each Group company is working to achieve the following targets for female managers by March 31, 2021.

Sony Life Percentage of females in management positions*1 20% or higher
*1 Head office manager, section manager
Sony Assurance Percentage of females in management positions*2 15% or higher
*2 Assistant manager or higher
Sony Bank Percentage of females in management positions*3 15% or higher
*3 Senior manager or higher