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Initiatives for Stakeholders

Activities with Customers

Guided by our corporate vision and corporate philosophy, the Sony Financial Group is seeking to become the most highly trusted financial services group in Japan.

Utilizing Customer Feedback

Sony Financial Group companies have in place a framework under which feedback received from each company's customers on a daily basis is compiled and analyzed by divisions in charge of promoting customer satisfaction and raising quality. This feedback is reported to management and used to make recommendations on operational improvements and product and service enhancements. As a result of this approach, the Sony Financial Group's three businesses —life insurance, non-life insurance, and banking— have received high appraisals in customer satisfaction surveys conducted by outside institutions and the media.

Reflecting the Voice of Customers in Our Business

In the course of dialogue between its policyholders and Lifeplanner sales employees, Sony Life received requests to introduce nursing care providers that can assure peace of mind for families. Based on a commitment to "protecting customers across the entire Group" and a desire for a "world in which people sincerely feel happy to live long lives," the Sony Financial Group entered the nursing care business in November 2013.

In April 2016, the Group opened its first nursing care home, SONARE Soshigaya-Okura, in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.

Sony Life

Sony Life conducts annual customer awareness surveys by post, and in fiscal 2015 received valuable feedback from around 5,800 policyholders. Sony Life also holds telephone customer satisfaction surveys for Lifeplanner channel policyholders. In these ways, the company gauges customer satisfaction levels in such areas as frequency of visits, provision of new product and service information, and speed of responses.
Sony Life analyzes feedback from customers and formulates specific improvement measures and plans, which it shares with various internal departments in an effort to improve its services.

Industry's First Instant Approval (Underwriting) System for New Policyholders Launched

In March 2016, Sony Life introduced its "Instant Approval System" and started giving instant approval to new policyholders. Previously, it took an average of 7.5 days from the time of application to acceptance. Sony Life introduced the "Instant Approval System" in order to deploy and advance its sales support system more effectively. Through real-time processing, Sony Life can now provide peace for mind for its customers instantly at the time and place of application.

New Sales Offices Opened

On April 1, 2016, Sony Life opened new branches in Akita Prefecture and Yamaguchi Prefecture. Committed to protecting its customers all across Japan throughout their entire lives, Sony Life decided to establish operations in these two prefectures, where it had yet to establish a presence. By enhancing the efficiency and productivity of its sales activities in this way, Sony Life will deepen its ties with local communities and thus improve services for customers.

Coverage Period for Family Income Insurance Expanded

Family income insurance, a mainstay product of Sony Life, previously expired when the policyholder reached the age of 70. Responding to feedback from customers intending to continue working beyond 70, however, Sony Life introduced additional policy periods, up to the ages of 75, 80, 85, and 90. This has enabled it to better meet the broad-ranging demands of customers.

Sony Assurance

Leveraging its unique advantage as an insurer that communicates directly with customers, Sony Assurance listens closely to its customers and reports on specific improvement measures via its website. In addition, customer feedback is centrally managed, compiled, and analyzed on a monthly basis by the Customer Response Service Department. Feedback is reported to management every quarter, and in particularly important cases, detailed reports are made on the causes of incidents and countermeasures are recommended as necessary. The feedback is also passed on to relevant departments, along with instructions on improvements and other matters.

Claims Service Center Initiatives

Seeking to allay the anxieties of customers in times of accident, Sony Assurance provides a variety of services emphasizing swift initial responses on the same day as the incident.
According to feedback from a customer questionnaire survey, however, while customers are satisfied with the speed of responses from the service centers, many felt dissatisfaction that the post-accident telephone response time was too long. To address this, Sony Assurance reviewed the content of these questions from standpoints including its priority, and reassessed the workflow of the claims service centers, thus shortening the telephone response time of the calls immediately after accidents.
Upon introducing the new workflow, the level of customer satisfaction with the claims service center improved dramatically. Believing there is still much room for improvement in accident resolution services, it will reassess its overall services based on the customer's viewpoint, from reception to resolution, to further improve its services.

Sony Bank

Nikkei's twelfth annual ranking
* Article in the January 31, 2016 issue of
the Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei) newspaper

Heeding the feedback from customers, and to provide even better products and services, Sony Bank reviews the comments and requests from customers and strives to make improvements. Specific feedback and related details are made available on the Voice of Customer webpage of Sony Bank's website. In fiscal 2015, Sony Bank placed first for the ninth consecutive year in Nikkei's twelfth annual ranking* of Japanese financial institutions based on customer satisfaction, and was highly evaluated on many other customer satisfaction surveys.