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Initiatives for Stakeholders

Activities with Business Partners

The Sony Financial Group promotes fair and equitable transactions with institutions that provide financial products and services and with suppliers and vendors of goods and services, along with insurance agencies, and maintains healthy relationships with all of its business partners as part of the sustainable development of society.

Fair Trade

The Sony Financial Group has established the Conflicts of Interest Policy, the Basic Policy on Eradicating Anti-social Forces and the Policy for Preventing Corruption. As stated in our code of conduct, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations and conduct business activities ethically and in good faith. We engage in fair trade practices with all business partners on this basis.

Partners (Independent Agents)

Sony Life's Partners (Sony Life refers to independent agents as "Partners" not only because they are partners from a business standpoint but also because they are the lifelong partners of customers) constitute a critically important sales channel alongside Lifeplanner sales employees.
Sony Life provides various systematic training programs for Partners and training related to products, along with expertise on sales tailored to customer needs based on sales processes developed by the Company over the years.
Based on the desire to provide high-quality services closely tied to regional communities, Sony Life's approximately 1,900 Partners around the country, as of July 1, 2016, faithfully fulfilling their responsibilities as Partners to customers.

Training System for Lifeplanner Sales Employees at Sony Life

All Lifeplanner sales employees complete a 36-month program after joining the company in order to develop a customer-first approach, the knowledge and skills required of an insurance and finance professional, and appropriate conduct.

Lifeplanner Sales Employees Training System