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About Our Group

Sony Assurance

Leading direct automobile insurance company

Sony Assurance has maintained high profitability while providing reasonable premiums rates and high-quality services by utilizing its direct business model.

Main Products
  • Automobile insurance (risk-segmented)
  • SURE medical and cancer insurance
Main Sales Channels
  • Internet
  • Telephone


Key Strengths of Sony Assurance

  • High profitability, a unique aspect of a direct non-life insurer
  • Risk-segmented automobile insurance facilitates reasonable premium rates
  • Excellent accident response, with high-quality customer center and website services

Changes in Business Results

Changes in Sony Assurance Direct Premiums Written

Industry Position

Sony Assurance has maintained top share* of the direct automobile insurance market in Japan. Sony Assurance has also maintained the leading position in terms of direct premiums written for the past 13 consecutive years.
*Based on the automobile insurance premiums of non-life insurers selling automobile insurance directly, as of FY2014 (according to research by Sony Assurance)

  • Automobile Insurance Market and Market Share of Major Direct Non-life Insurers
  • Direct Premiums Written (Automobile Insurance) by Major Direct Non-life Insurers