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About Our Group

Sony Financial Group

Aimed at becoming the most highly trusted financial services group

The Sony Financial Group is a financial services group comprising the financial holding company Sony Financial Holdings Inc., and its subsidiaries including Sony Life Insurance Co., Ltd., Sony Assurance Inc. and Sony Bank Inc.

picture:Group Structure(Tree Main Subsidiaries)

Changes in Business Results

Each of our three core businesses (life insurance, non-life insurance, and banking businesses) has steadily expanded business volume by developing unique business models.

Ordinary Revenues/Ordinary Profit

Changes in Ordinary Revenues  / Ordinary profit

Total Assets/Net Assets

Changes in Total Assets  / Net Assets

Composition by Business Segment (FY2016)

  • Ordinary Revenues: Life Insurance 90%, Non-life Insurance 7%, Banking 3%
  • Ordinary Profit: Life Insurance 85%, Non-life Insurance 7%, Banking 8%
  • Total Assets: Life Insurance 78%, Non-life Insurance 2%, Banking 21%

Sony Financial Group's Growth Strategies

1. Driving Growth in the Three Core Businesses

Sony Life, Sony Assurance and Sony Bank have set themselves apart from their competitors by developing unique business models in respective industries. As a result, the three companies have provided their customers with customer-oriented and highly convenient financial products and services. Going forward, the Sony Financial Group will continue to achieve sustained growth as each company under the Group umbrella strengthens its inherent competitive advantages, and further enhances each company’s presence in the respective markets.

2. Promoting Groupwide Synergies

The Sony Financial Group believes that it will be able to enhance collaboration among Group companies with respect to the sale of each company’s financial products to individual customers, taking advantages of its diverse financial functions (savings, investment, borrowing and protection). To date, we have worked to promote collaboration within the Group, by, for example, having Lifeplanner sales employees at Sony Life sell Sony Assurance’s automobile insurance and Sony Bank’s mortgage loans. By continuing to strengthen and expand collaboration among core businesses, we pave the way for each company to cultivate new customers and raise business efficiency.

3. Expanding into New Business Field

We will continuously enhance the range of products and services that satisfy the expectations of customers, centered on business fields that are closely tied to our existing three businesses, and thereby steadily expand business volume. In fields we have yet to enter, we will actively consider those opportunities with potential to contribute to the realization of the Group’s vision, as we strive to diversify revenue sources and expand earnings.

Initiatives Toward Growth in the Nursing Care Business

SONARE Soshigaya-Okura,
a nursing care home

Sony Financial Group entered the nursing care business in November 2013.
Sony Lifecare, established in April 2014 as a holding company to oversee the Group’s operations in the nursing care business, is promoting business development in the operation and establishment of nursing care homes by a subsidiary, and through alliances with other companies.